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Brief Profile
Dr. Dineshan Koovakkai received his M. A. (Economics) in 1986 and MLISc in 1995 (with First Rank) from University of Calicut. He took his first degree in Library and Information Science (BLISc) from University of Kerala in 1990 with Third Rank. He was awarded Ph.D. in Library and Information Science from University of Calicut in 2004. He has Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA), Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking (DCHN) and Post Graduate Diploma in English Communication (PGDEC) (with Second Rank). He has also cleared UGC-NET in Library and Information Science. He is a Research Guide in Library and Information Science in Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala. He is a member of the Board of Studies in Library and Information Science and a member of the Library Advisory Committee of Kannur University. He is a resource person in many institutions. He has published 44 research papers and edited 3 books. He has attended many regional, national and international conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops and presented papers in national and international conferences. He has organized many national level seminars and workshops.

He is presently working as Assistant Librarian in Charge at Calicut University Study Centre, Kozhikode. He can be contacted at

Positions Held Previously:
1. Member, Board of Studies (UG & PG), University of Calicut.
2. Publication Officer, Central University of Kerala.
3. Founder Librarian i/c, Central University of Kerala.
4. Nodal Officer, Higher Education Survey, Central University of Kerala.
5. Co-ordinator, NME-ICT, Central University of Kerala.
6. Director, Calicut University Staff Co-op. Credit Society.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lecture Programme

  • St. Aloysius College, Thrissur             
    Date: 16th February, 2018
    Topic: Online Learning through MOOCs and SWAYAM
  • Kannur University      
    Date: 9th February, 2018
    Topic: Library and Internet Resources
  • SAFI Institute of Advanced Studies, Vazhayoor           
    Date: 20th November, 2017
    Topic: Recreate Yourself with Books (National Library Week Celebration-Invited Talk)
  • SN College, Kollam           
    Date: 22nd March, 2017
    Topic: Academic Writing Skills and Research Publications
  • UGC-HRDC, University of Kerala           
    Date: 14th March, 2017
    Topic: Google Docs Applications in Research
  • MES College, Marampally     
    Date: 20th January, 2017
    Topic: E-Resources
  • State Library Council, Malappuram   
  •  Date: 26th November, 2016
     Topic: Social Media in Library Services
  • College of Engineering, Thalassery   
  •  Date: 19th October, 2016
     Topic: Reference Management using Mendeley

  • DLIS, University of Calicut          
    Date: 31st August, 2016
    Topic: Competitive Examinations and Job Opportunities in LIS
  • MES College, Marampally    
    Date: 21st March, 2016
    Topic: E-Resources Management
  • Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University    
    Date: 16th March, 2016
    Topic: Information Technology Application in Research
  • St. Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangalore     
    Date: 11th February, 2016
    Topic: Career Portals and Uploading Resume 
  • College of Engineering Vadakara      
    Date: 9th February, 2016
    Topic: Content Management (Weebly)
  • UGC-HRDC, Kannur University (Orientation Programme)      
    Date: 23rd January, 2016
    Topic: Library Today and Tomorrow
  • UGC-HRDC, Kannur University (Refresher Course)       
    Date: 9th December, 2015
    Topic: Online Sources
  • DLIS, University of Calicut          
    Date: 19th November, 2015
    Topic: Trends in LIS
  • Holycross Institute of Management and Technology, Kozhikode          
    Date: 20th October, 2015
    Topic: Sources of Information
  • UGC-HRDC, University of Calicut          
    Date: 12th October, 2015
    Topic: Library 3.0
  • UGC-HRDC, University of Kerala (Orientation Programme)           
    Date: 12th September, 2015
    Topic: Online Sources
  • UGC-HRDC, University of Kerala          
    Date: 19th August, 2015
    Topic: Open Access Resources
  • Carmel College, Mala           
    Date: 11th August, 2015
    Topic: KOHA Open Source ILS
  • Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kasaragod           
    Date: 20th May, 2015
    Topic: Cloud Computing and Cloud Libraries
  • Laxmibai Bhaurao Patil Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Solapur (Maharashtra)           
    Date: 11th April, 2015
    Topic: MOOCs
  • College of Engineering, Trikaripur             
    Date: 5th March, 2015
    Topic: Cloud Computing and Cloud Libraries
  • St. Aloysius College, Thrissur             
    Date: 27th February, 2015
    Topic: Open Source and Open Access Initiatives
  • UGC-ASC, University of Calicut             
    Date: 19th February, 2015
    Topic: Mechanics of Scholarly Writing
  • University of Calicut       
    Date: 30th January, 2015
    Topic: Knowledge Management in the Cloud Environment
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kozhikode        
    Date: 29th January, 2015
    Topic: New Media - New Vistas of Reading
  • UGC-ASC, Kannur University       
    Date: 8th December, 2014
    Topic: Library Science: Principles and Importance
  • MD College, Pazhanji       
    Date: 15th November, 2014
    Topic: Preparation of Scholarly Articles and Publication
  • CMS College, Kottayam       
    Date: 30th September, 2014
    Topic: Research Methodology in Social Sciences
  • UGC-ASC, University of Kerala (Short Term Programme for Research Guides)        
    Date: 29th August, 2014
    Topic: Google Docs Applications in Research
  • UGC-ASC, University of Kerala   (Orientation Programme)       
    Date: 7th July, 2014
    Topic: Google Docs Applications
  • UGC-ASC, University of Kerala  (Refresher Course)        
    Date: 12th May, 2014
    Topic: Google Docs
  • UGC-ASC, University of Kerala          
    Date: 28th March, 2014
    Topic: Google Docs Applications in Research
  •  University of Kerala            
    Date: 27th March, 2014
    Topic: KOHA Open Source LMS
  • DLIS, University of Calicut            
    Date: 5th March, 2014
    Topic: Career Opportunities in Library and Information Science
  • UGC-ASC, Goa University, Goa            
    Date: 28th January, 2014
    Topic: Cloud Computing Applications in Academic Research
  • UGC-ASC, University of Calicut            
    Date: 6th January, 2014
    Topic: Mechanics of Scholarly Writing
  • Thanbeehul Islam Central School, Kasaragod            
    Date: 11th December, 2013

    Topic: Language and Reading (Inaugural Address)
  • People Institute of Management Studies, Kasaragod            
    Date: 10th December, 2013

    Topic: Digital Libraries (Inaugural Address)
  • Government Higher Secondary School, Kannur            
    Date: 7th December, 2013

    Topic: Role of Librarians in Rural Libraries 
     (Organized by District Library Council, Kannur) 
  • UGC-ASC, University of Calicut            
    Date: 2nd November, 2013
    Topic: Online Information Retrieval
  •  Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod            
    Date: 30th October, 2013
    Topic: In-Text Citation and Referencing Pattern (APA)
  • Government College of Engineering, Kannur            
    Date: 2nd & 3rd September, 2013
    Topic: Library and You: An Orientation to the New Entrants
  • CPCRI, Kasaragod            
    Date: 30th August, 2013
    Topic: KOHA LMS (Acquisition Management)
  • UGC-ASC, Goa University, Goa            
    Date: 27th August, 2013
    Topic: Mechanics of Academic Writing 
  • St. Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangalore           
    Date: 12th August, 2013
    Topic: Preparation of Scholarly Articles
  • GMRS, Kasaragod            
    Date: 21st June, 2013
    Topic: Library and Reading
  • UGC-ASC, University of Kerala             
    Date: 17th May, 2013
    Topic: Cloud Computing Applications

  • College of Engineering, Thalassery  
         Date: 8th March, 2013
         Topic: Searching and Researching on the World Wide Web
  •  UGC-ASC, University of Kerala   
         Date: 26th May, 2012
         Topic: Digitization of Information Resources

  • Narayan Zantye College of Commerce, Goa 
         Date: 28th March, 2012
         Topic: E-content Development & Management for Commerce and Economics    Teachers
  • Chinmaya Institute of Technology, Kannur  
        Date: 24th March, 2012
       Topic: KOHA Open Source Software
  • Goa University, Goa  
          Date: 6th March, 2012
         Topic: Web 2.0 tools applicable in libraries
  • Majlis Arts and Science College, Puramannur
         Date: 26th December, 2011.
         Topic: E-learning
  • Nehru Arts and Science College, Kanhangad
          Date: 24th August, 2011.

         Topic: Library Networking Services
(Sponsored by Higher Education Council, Government of Kerala)
  • University of Kerala, Trivandrum
        Date: 21st May, 2011

        Topic: RSS Feeds
  • Navaneetham Auditorium, Kannur

         Date: 27th March, 2011

        Topic: Rural Libraries and the Youth

(Sponsored by the District Library Council, Kannur)

  • S N College, Kannur
         Date: 21st January, 2011.

        Topic: General Informatics
(Sponsored by Higher Education Council, Government of Kerala)

  • Goa University, Goa
        Date: 17th December, 2010

       Topic: RSS Feeds

  • St. Pius X College, Rajapuram
        Date:10th December, 2010
        Topic: General Informatics
(Higher Education Council Sponsored Three Day College Level Training Programme)

  • Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kochi, Kerala
          Date: 4th and 5th October 2010

         Topic: Cataloguing Practice-Periodical Publication

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ph.D. (Lib. & Inf. Science)
NET (Lib. & Inf. Science)
P.G.D.E.C. (Eng. Com.) I CLASS, II RANK
M.A. (Economics)



1. Workshop on Technical Writing
(Dept. of Library and Information Science, University of Kerala) 9-11 April, 1997
2. 15th IATLIS National Seminar,
Mysore (Attended and presented a paper) 27-29 November, 1997
3. UGC/ Infonet Training on Access to Chemical Abstract, (CUSAT) 2nd April 2004
4. KLA National Seminar, Trivandrum
(Attended and presented a paper) 5-7 May 2005
5. IASLIC National Conference, IIT Madras, Chennai
(Attended and presented a paper) 26-29 December 2005
6. Organising Secretary, KLA National Library Week Seminar,
Calicut University 16th November 2005
7. Participating Co-ordinator, CPD Programme for Librarians,
University of Calicut 2006
8. Participated and taken classes in the KLA-UNESCO Workshop on
Information Literacy 27th January 2007
9. Organized workshop on KOHA Library Management Software 12th July 2008
10. Attended workshop on Information Literacy (Curriculum Design) 16th August 2008
11. Participated in the one week training programme on
Application of ICTs in Libraries (CUSAT) 15-20 June, 2009
12. Six Sigma Approach to Information Resource Management, Government First Grade College, Kaup, Uduppi (Attended and presented a paper) 30-31 October 2009
13. UGC-Sponsored two days National Conference on Empowering Library Professionals in Managing Digital Resources and Providing Extension Activities, St. Agnes College (Autonomous), Bendore, Mangalore (Attended and presented a paper), 18-19 January 2010
14. Organized a three-day workshop on KOHA Library Management Software on 7th, 8th and 9th April, 2010 at Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod (Acted as Co-ordinator).
15. Participated in the National Level Workshop on Creating Digital Libraries using DSpace and Library Automation Using KOHA Open Source Software at Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune from 9th to 13th August 2010.
16. 8th International CALIBER 2011 on the topic Towards Building up of a Knowledge Society: Library as a Catalyst for Knowledge Discovery and Management, Goa University, Goa (Attended and presented a paper), 2-4 March 2011
17. Acted as Co-ordinator of the National Seminar on Library 2.0 and Information Management, University of Calicut, 27-28 May, 2011.
18. Acted as Co-ordinator of the National Workshop on Academic Writing, Central University of Kerala, 23-25 January, 2012.
19. 57th All India Conference of Indian Library Association on the topic Knowledge Society: Innovations in Librarianship (ILAKSIL 2012), St. Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangalore (Attended and presented a paper), 23-25 February 2012
20. Participated in the Workshop on E-Learning with Moodle at SDM Institute for Management Development, Mysore on 4th and 5th May, 2012.
21. International Conference on Knowledge Management and Organization in the Digital Era, Sidhaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur, 17-19 January, 2013. (Participated and presented paper).


Name of Institution Name of Course Number of Years
IGNOU BLISc 12 Years
SDE, University of Calicut BLISc 12 Years

Dept. of Library and
Information Science,
University of Calicut BLISc 1 Year
MLISc 1 Year

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


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